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Our Charities

Mexico Mission home building in Tijuana, Mexico

Futuro Del Oro youth scholarship program in Tijuana, Mexico

Ubumwe Community Center in Gisenyi, Rwanda

~As we grow more charities will be added!

Mexico Mission 2019

Spring Break 2019: About 15 high school students traveled to Tijuana, Mexico to help build two homes. This house took 2 ½ days to complete and was for a family of 5 who were living in a tiny 6’ by 8’ room. We tripled the size of the house by adding two rooms for this wonderful family.

Mexico Mission 2018

October 2018: Two pastors living in this very poor area needed a safe place for some of the local children to sleep and eat. The existing structure was prone to flooding and, as a result, the wood was rotting. We put up a large one room structure in two days and were rewarded with the smiles of very happy children.

Mexico Mission 2018

Spring Break 2018: A team of high school students put up two houses for several generations of a local family. The grandparents received a single room house with a loft and an ocean view, while we built the children and grandchildren a two-bedroom house with bunk beds and a loft. Crazy enough, the grandmother had her blind husband cutting grass with a machete in the backyard while we were building! We occasionally stop by and visit these two families and are happy to say they are doing well.

Futuro Del Oro

Since 1967 Futuro Del Oro has provided scholarship support for school aged children in Tijuana giving them the opportunity to complete school, find employment and further support their local community. Books and school supplies are no longer provided by the government once children reach high school and, as a result, many families are financially unable to continue to educate their children. Futuro Del Oro breaks this cycle of poverty by giving children a better chance at employment and success. For 2019 the estimate for annual support for one child is $233 US Dollars. For more information visit Facebook at Futuro Del Oro or

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Ubumwe Community Center

In June 2019 we visited Gisenyi, Rwanda and the Ubumwe Community Center, which was founded by Frederick Ndabaramiye and Zacharie Dusingizimana. Both experienced the tragedies of the 1994 genocide and, following their own recoveries from the war, decided to give back to their broken community. Frederick and Zacharie founded the House of Children School and Ubumwe Community Center to aid disabled children and adults in an environment that models their vision: "Disability is not inability".

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